Thursday, June 5, 2008

Whatevah! I Do What I Want!

"Censorship reflects a society's
lack of confidence in itself."

Jack Thompson walks out of his own disbarment hearing, metaphorically sticking his fingers in his ears and yelling "LA LA LA LA, I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!" Awesome, buddy. Awesome.

Personally, I'm hope he gets disbarred. Right now, he's quite vocally retarded, but should he lose his license to practice his own brand of justice, he'll have to be vocally BIGGER, BETTER, FASTER, RETARDEDER! Just like the KKK being on Uncle Jimbo's "Save The Flag" side on South Park, Jack is doing more damage to his own cause than he could possibly know, and this is letting the "maybe games DON'T cause teh murderz!" argument gain ground.

Jack Thompson Forever! You go, girl.

So, the Vox Question of the Day will now be ripped off here. The question is: "Who was your worst teacher?" Now, some of the responses on Vox, linked from my friend Lostie's page, were pretty horrible, and Lostie's retelling of her mom's story was even worse (Communist China, 1950's.... female). By comparison, my teachers were either a collection of apathetic wage-monkeys or petty vengeful dickweeds. For instance: the math teacher who insisted I was cheating, because I was doing math in my head that he COULDN'T do. Or the English teacher who got mad at me because I got an A on the assignment she assigned to me, specifically, to be harder than all the other kids' assignments. Or the K7 teacher who got mad at me for reading books in class when I was supposed to be listening, and when he started asking me rapid-fire questions about the topic at hand, I got them all right, and he still took mny book away.

I know, I was petty, too. I was young, and I immodestly admit I was overbright for a large part of my childhood, and I was defensive about it (I got my comeuppance in college). Even so, I only had ONE teacher who said "Wow, you're right. Carry on," and it was the year and school after that where they got rid of the enrichment program for the A students. I NEED NURTURING! AND ENRICHMENT! And, uhm... more Aasimov books...


God, I'm lame.

Here's JACKY!!!


lostdwarf said...

I think that's one of the things that bother me about all the stories. All these teachers, instead of nurturing students, helping them love to learn, they're creating students who are afraid of the teacher to the point where they might not be able to learn as effectively as they should be.

I mean, OH NO! You were a smart kid! Sure you were probably an ass about it but YOU WERE A KID. They're all asses about SOMETHING! You have to train them out of it instead of taking out your insecurities on them!


I'm very emphatic about this subject, it seems.

Marblehead Johnson said...

I don't think I was an ass about it... maybe I was. I was just very matter-of-fact when explaining to adults that, yes, just because I'm younger than you doesn't mean I'm a mental incompetent (I started doing that at the age of six with waiters, apparently, and I've done it as recently as yesterday).