Friday, June 6, 2008

Contest Time!

Ok, people... contest time.

Contest The First - To Vox Or Not To Vox

Lostie has made a good case for me to move to Vox. Sure, my neighborhood there will be.... her, but it might be a start. maybe I can start blog-surfing and make some friends. There are downsides... extremely limited blogospherical customization. However, I had a look at it, and it's not actually that bad! I think they made some improvements. SO.... vote here! Vox, or not? (NOTE: I fully expect no-one to vote for this, so I might win 1 to 0 with my own ballot).

Contest The Second - A Marble By Any Other Name

During my time on the intertubes, I've gone by many names... Mighty Jalapeno, Wandering Wombat, Topper, Junkyard God, Catharsicide, Nega`Sonic, Zalgon 26 McGee, Whale Biologist, Marblehead Johnson, Mr O, Ominous Dominus, and others (I know Throkky is now running all these down on Google. Good luck with that.) On Vox, I'm already Mighty Jalapeno again, and I don't know if I want to go back to that MJ, or stay as Marblehead Johnson (IE, the new MJ), or go with something else altogether. Something new. Something me. Marblehead is just a rip-off from Bill Hicks, and Mighty Jalapeno seems to exemplify the young me (Yung Me was a hack compared to Mighty Jalapeno!) SO, I guess the choices are.... MJ #1, MJ #2, or something new?

And.... VOTE!

*crickets chirping*


techblogtalk said...

Hey! I know you! You're ......!!! saw you in the HizzyLand.

I'm Spring (AKA Springagain) -- not at the NeoHizzy that much yet -- but dug in at Vox.

Looking forward visiting you in the Neighborhood-- so YOU'RE Mighty about that...

Marblehead Johnson said...

On the Hizzy, I was Zalgon 26 McGee. I signed up with that name on a whim back on TWOP after getting hooked on Radio Free Vestibule.

I fully expect none of those things to make sense.

techblogtalk said...

Yep, the ref to "throkkie" gave you away...

Wow - a name.....never easy. I like Zalgon. Straightforward, "exotic," and fun to say. I have (and have had) many Vox accounts and the naming thing is always fun. Also the icon picture choosing. Might Jalapeno is musical, and festive and very visual.
I guess I'm not voting, as much as running off at the mouth.
Oh, well.

lostdwarf said...