Monday, September 17, 2007

Giddy-Up Go!

Well I don't want to be some puppet on a string
And I don't want to learn of things you can't explain
And I don't want to have your views on everything
I just want to scream

Fuckin-A! Thanks to my friend making me burn her a copy of MST3KTM, I found a CD I had been looking for for two years! See, I had to find her a case for the disc, so I open up the Irish Drinking Mix case, and pull out the Irish Drinking Mix CD... and there, underneath it, is this!

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Now this album has TONS of great songs on it, particularly Shine and Sister Don't Cry, but I was so happy to find it because then I could listen, in high quality, to the song featured at the bottom of this post....


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