Friday, July 13, 2007

Fugging Manifolds

Those are things I never felt I needed. I haven’t had time to cry if I felt like crying. I haven’t had time to stop myself from being this robot who is really running away from everything. You think that success or even good work will take care of everything, but part of you starts to rot if you leave it unattended. I want to enjoy some degree of the ride that I am on, and I do.

Well, the car, now officially named Car-Car, is in the shop, getting both exhaust manifolds replaced. This is important, because without the ability to fold the mani, my car is louder than a dozen exploding elephants, and smells fairly similar, too. It is also costing me a weeks wages, and they can't even guarantee if I'll have my car back before.... Sunday. Yup, you guys really did well in school, huh?

I asked them how fast they could swap out the pads and rotors on my car, they said that would just take two hours. Two hours, really? Huh... I can do it in ONE, and I know sweet fuck all about cars. My manifolds are probably already fixed, and they're just sitting around going through the pictures in the camera in my car.


Well, YouTube embedding has made my blog prettier... no more painful links for people to click, now it's just a little triangle! Yay! Let's roll this puppy out again, see what happens.

Flyleaf.... my new favorite band.

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