Sunday, July 15, 2007

Weak-End Weekend

Hey angel, consider your position
Framed to be consumed
Savory... savoring your sympathy
Hey angel, fly over
And bless me, see you feign surprise
I'm all eyes
You're all you need to be.

Well, I got my car back. Doodly-doo!

I also managed to survive Throkky's family reunion, now with MORE people I don't know! I exchanged pleasantries with several of them, the usual "How are you, whats new, hows work", and typically they wandered off before I was done talking. The most I ever talked about anything was locally-grown food with my wife's uncle, and that was because he sort of had me cornered. Otherwise, the most I talked with anyone was with a three-year old girl who seemed to see me as her burly protector for the weekend.

Had a few drinks, ate too much food... typical family reunion. Zalgite got locked in a bathroom for about half an hour (everyone else was outside), and when I went to look for him, I was confused he didn't seem to be ANYWHERE... until I heard pounding, and turned to see him sobbing and screaming and pounding on the glass of the window right next to me. I got him loose, and he couldn't even talk, he was sobbing so hard. He'd demolished the bathroom, and got mad at me for not hearing him screaming for so long. On the inside it was funny, but he was really, really upset.

He's ok now, though, and assured me that he was going to make Grandpa install "a button that opens the door when it won't open".

Damn straight.

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