Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm Literally Angry With Rage

When a man lies he murders some part of the world/
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives
All this I cannot bear to witness any longer
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home

This quote was brought to you by Cliff Burton.

So, I know I can't talk about much online, for various legal and ethical reasons, so I shall resort to hypotheticals. Let's assume that there was a worker somewhere, a very highly-paid and qualified worker. Now, every payday, he'd vanish for a couple days, not answer his phone, and not answer his door. Two days, three days, sometimes an entire week. He would always eventually return to work, and claim he never heard the phone, never heard the door, and was gone for a perfectly reasonable excuse... he was sick, or he cut his thumb, or... or he was sick. He never explained anything properly, especially why he was never home. After seven months of this happening every two weeks (except for a few instances where he'd actually show up), after seven months of shoddy work that other employees have to fix, after seven months of seriously overcharging his boss by overestimating his work hours, after seven months of him shirking responsibility by claiming not to understand English, it is finally implied by managment that he is being shown the door.

Seven months.

But it turns out today that he is not being shown the door. No action is being taken. In fact, he has been invited over to managements house to meet some other French-speaking local people, and he is being assigned other work. Seven months of this. I've now decided that this worker must have incriminating evidence, or perhaps an antidote to a poison he administered to management, or something, because I just can't exist in a world where someone is paid this much to make my life harder.

I almost smashed his face a flat-screen monitor today. Er.... whoever he is. Hypothetically.

We've got two videos today, in honor of my son. My son Zalgite was heartbroken to find out that he can't go see Big Sugar in concert, Big Sugar being pretty much his favorite band ever, because they play his favorite song ever. So, in honor of him, you will find below some Big Sugar. Now, unfortunately, Judgement Day / Joe Louis does not exist in a YouTube-able format, except for this overamped segment from the intro, but I will follow it up below with Ride Like Hell (1993, motherfuckers...) and then our national anthem, performed only as Gordie "God" Johnson can do. (Once I find out how to make videos to go with an mp3, I am so putting up Judgement Day).

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